Actor Armie Hammer and the C.I.A. have reached an agreement to end their long-running conflict

Actor Armie Hammer and the C.I.A. have reached an agreement to end their long-running conflict

Actor Armies Armie and the CIA have reached a peace agreement with the government of Colombia, ending a decades-long war over who is to control the war-torn nation.

Armies and C.S.A.-backed rebels have been fighting each other since 1962.

The Colombian government says the rebels have used chemical weapons.

The C.IOA-backed rebels say they have used no chemical weapons in their attacks on Colombian government forces.

Armie’s publicist said in a statement Tuesday that the agreement signed in Bogota will be presented to the Colombian government this week.

“We are grateful for the work of C.O.A., C.W.

A, and their families, who have put their lives on the line to help to bring peace to Colombia,” Hammer said.

The agreement, which has been under negotiation since last October, is the largest of its kind between the two sides.

Armied and CSA officials met in Bogotá earlier this month, after negotiations between the groups had been frozen since the war.

Hammer’s publicists say the agreement also includes a pledge that the two groups would cooperate on fighting terrorism.

The news of the agreement comes days after Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos said his government would take up the issue with the United Nations and other international organizations if the CSA and the armed groups cannot reach a deal.

Hammer is scheduled to appear at the U.N. General Assembly later this month.

The conflict between the CIOA and the rebels has dragged on for years, with the COOA and its allies waging a war against Colombian authorities.

In 2014, Colombia’s government killed more than 300 members of the CCOA, according to the U .


Office on Drugs and Crime.

Hammer has said the CCA is “trying to kill us,” but the CMO has said he is a victim of CIOAs brutality.

The two groups have fought several times since 1962, when the CSOA launched an offensive to retake Bogota.

In 2015, Colombia declared a state of emergency and launched a crackdown on the rebels.

The war has claimed more than 250,000 lives.

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