Army chief says ‘unacceptable’ leaks of classified material on Niger threat

Army chief says ‘unacceptable’ leaks of classified material on Niger threat

President Donald Trump’s top general has called for more transparency in intelligence-sharing with allies and allies to make sure information on possible threats to U.S. interests is properly shared.

In an op-ed in The Washington Post, Gen. Mark A. Milley, the top U.K. military commander in Niger, said the leaking of classified information is “unacceptable” and that it is an “unmitigated disaster” for the country.

He called on allies to hold leaders accountable for leaks of information, including those from Niger.

Mille said the leak of the classified information in Niger was not “one of those cases where we’re really confident that we can have that sort of accountability.”

He called on countries to share information with the United States to “avoid the same pitfalls” that led to the Niger incident.

Milley, who is also commander of U.N. forces in the Middle East, said he had “very close” and “very good” relations with Niger’s leaders and was concerned about the potential for a potential spillover into the U.A.E.

He said he “wouldn’t want” Niger to be involved in another military operation against other allies.

The op-ED is part of an ongoing push by Milley to show that the U-turn is sincere.

Mille said that if the Niger operation had gone ahead, “it is not impossible” that “an adversary of ours” might have found a way to exploit the information and cause harm.

He warned that the leak is a potential “risk to the national security” of the United Kingdom, which is already under a public relations nightmare in the wake of the leaks of details of the intelligence that led it to attack a rival country in a failed military operation.

The British government has said it has made “extensive efforts” to prevent such leaks.

But it has been “not able to fully protect against the potential impact of such information” in the future, Mille wrote.

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