Army enlisted ranks at record high: Army report

Army enlisted ranks at record high: Army report

Military ranks at the peak of their powers in the United States have been the subject of a flurry of press and political activity this year, as both parties seek to reassert themselves as the nation’s leading military forces.

But there’s another factor at work.

Military recruiters say it’s hard to recruit in the civilian job market as much as it used to be.

Army recruiters and career counselors say it would be better to stay at home and be a parent, and they’re warning that this trend could continue to grow as more women join the armed forces.

Army recruiting services have seen more than 30 percent more applications this year than in any year since 2011, when there were nearly 7,000 active-duty troops.

That’s up from a total of about 4,000 applications in 2012.

The number of applications has jumped by nearly 5,000 in the last year alone, with most of the increase in the Army.

Army recruiters said they saw a 30 percent increase in applications for recruits age 18-24, up from about 1,400 last year.

The surge in applicants has also led to a rise in the number of military family members, up nearly 30 percent from the previous year.

Amber Lippmann, a recruiter at the recruiter for military family units, said she saw more than 400 applications for each of the service’s two main family units: the Reserves and the Army National Guard.

The average application for the reserve is about 3,000.

The increase in applicants, and the increase that has come in the first two months of this year are both due to the ongoing political campaign in the country and the increased number of recruits, Lippman said.

“That’s why we’re seeing an uptick in applications, because we’re getting that additional attention and attention to us as a recruiting service,” she said.

The political campaign is a direct result of the election of President Donald Trump, who has promised to increase spending on military programs.

The Army’s recruiter said Trump has been “one of the most consistent, relentless and aggressive advocates for our military and his military,” calling him the “best person” for the job.

In a statement on the campaign website, the campaign said it has spent more than $2 billion on military recruitment, training and readiness.

The Trump campaign also has said it plans to spend more on recruitment and training for women, and has called on the military to hire more women in leadership positions.

Trump has also promised to “fundamentally transform our military” by spending $500 billion on the armed services, but it’s unclear how that plan will be funded or whether it will include any military personnel.

Trump has made the issue of military women a central part of his campaign, arguing that women are more likely to serve in the military because they’re less likely to get killed in combat.

He has also argued that women make up only a small percentage of the military.

A spokesman for the Trump campaign declined to comment on the political campaign, and Army officials would not discuss any specifics about the Trump family or its recruitment efforts.

The recruiter who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity said the Army had seen a 20 percent increase over the past year in applications to enlist, and said she has heard a lot about recruitment issues in the community.

The military recruiter added that the recruiting process has been hard for the military, and that the Army is currently in a “high-stress environment” due to an increase in calls to recruiters from all over the country.

“We’re seeing more calls, we’re hearing more calls,” she told AP.

“We have more families on our calls than we have calls for the last eight years, and we’ve had to respond to more than 300 calls,” the recruitter said.

Some Army recruits say they feel the political pressure.

A recruiter with the recruiting service said they have been contacted by a few families who have been concerned about their sons’ prospects.

The recruiter also said the recruiting service was understaffed and understaffing is the number one cause of increased applications.

The recruiting service has said that more than 1,800 people applied for positions in the reserves this year and that many of those were not actively recruiting, but were simply applying for positions and trying to get into the program.

The military has said its recruiting effort is in the final stages and will ramp up significantly in the coming months.

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