Army flag on parade grounds: Why it’s still important

Army flag on parade grounds: Why it’s still important

The U.S. Army Flag is one of the most recognizable symbols of the nation’s military.

It is the national symbol of the U.N. General Assembly and is displayed on military installations around the world.

It also makes up a large part of the American public’s memories of World War II.

The Army Flag on parade ground in New Orleans in this March 19, 2017 file photo.

But a recent survey shows a large portion of the population still finds it hard to see it.CBS News examined more than 500 American respondents and found that a whopping 75% of those polled still had a hard time seeing the American flag on the parade ground where the Army plays in front of the Pentagon.

The survey of 4,000 Americans was conducted in the wake of a report by the Associated Press which found that more than half of Americans have no idea what the Army’s flag stands for.

A majority of those surveyed also have no memory of the battle of Gettysburg, the decisive victory of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

The AP’s findings were published Thursday and have reignited debate over the flag’s status.

The flag has become a symbol of national unity and patriotism, with a number of Americans calling for it to be retired.

It has been displayed on the Capitol grounds for over 150 years and has become an icon of the United States.

But the Army has struggled to make it work in a digital age.

A number of recent reports have shown that the U,S.

flag is increasingly used by members of the military and is also seen by Americans who are not active-duty service members.CBSNews asked Americans if they remembered the Army flag.

Only a third of those who said they were not members of active duty recalled seeing it on display in their home.

Fifty-five percent of those in the U.,S.

Flag, which is displayed alongside the flag of the European Union, said they did not have a clue.

The number of respondents who did recall seeing the flag declined to a low of 32 percent.

The survey also found that most people have no clue what the U is actually doing or who the soldiers are, even though they are in uniform.

Nearly half of those people were not aware that the United Nations is in charge of the flag.

And many were unaware that the flag is a symbol for the United Nation.CBSNEWS asked more than 600 people, both military and non-military, what they remember about the U flag.

Nearly a third, 33 percent, did not know what the United flag stands on the National Mall, and 31 percent were unaware.

The poll also found nearly half of respondents had no memory at all of the Gettysburg Battle, and another 36 percent had no idea.

The U.K., France, and Germany are also known to have been the original owners of the Union Jack, which the U has used for decades.

The United States also owns the Union flag and has used it in many ways over the years.

The flags of other countries were also questioned.

Nearly half of the people surveyed, or 44 percent, said their country’s flag is the same as the U’s.

France and Germany were the only other nations to not know the difference.

And just 18 percent of the survey respondents said they had ever seen the flag in a movie, television, or print.

The American flag is on display at the United Kingdom’s Houses of Parliament in London in this January 21, 2017, file photo.(AP Photo/Andrew Winning)The Army flag is flown at the U’th Artillery Barracks at Fort Leonard Wood in Washington, DC in this May 21, 2019 file photo(AP Photo / Mark Wilson)The U, and its flag are displayed in front the Uth-Gen, the headquarters of the 1st Cavalry Division, on the grounds of the White House in Washington in this July 7, 2021 file photo (AP Photo)The American Flag flies on a display at Fort Benning, Georgia, in this June 28, 2021, file picture.(AP photo)The new U.A.E.-sponsored flag was created in the 1960s and adopted by the U of A in 1993.

The Army adopted the new flag last year as part of its efforts to move to digital technology, according to the Army.

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