Army medals: Where to find them

Army medals: Where to find them

There are now more than 300 medals available for the soldiers of the Commonwealth Armed Forces.

The awards are given to those who make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country.

One of the most well-known medals is the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC), which has been awarded to more than 1,000 Australian soldiers.

Army Medal winners are awarded the award for gallantry in action, including bravery in action against enemy forces.

A few months ago, the DSC was handed to Sgt John Dyson, who was awarded for bravery in an ambush on a convoy in South Africa in October 2003.

But the DSPC medal can also be earned through military service, including service in the Australian Defence Force.

Veteran Sergeant James Hoeppner is the only soldier to receive a DSC after returning from Afghanistan.

Hoeppson was awarded the DSF in 2008 for his actions during a clash with insurgents in Afghanistan, where he and a colleague were killed.

“It is a privilege to be awarded the Distant Fire Service Medal, which is a medal of distinction awarded for exceptional service,” Hoeffner said.

Soldiers with the DSS can also earn the Distinct Fire Service Ribbon, a medal that honours service in a non-combat role.

Many of the medals awarded by the Australian Army are awarded to individuals who have been involved in service overseas.

For example, Sgt Andrew Hickey was awarded a DSP after serving in Iraq with the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

After returning to Australia, Hickey went on to serve as an infantry officer in the Royal Australian Regiment and the Royal New Zealand Regiment.

He received the DSM in 2012 after serving with the New Zealand Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I think the medal is a very special one because it is awarded for extraordinary and extraordinary service and for that it is very meaningful,” he said.

“It gives people a chance to reflect on the sacrifice they made and to reflect that on their family and their loved ones.”

Hickey said he received the medal in 2009 after serving two years in Iraq.

“For the first time, I was actually thinking of my wife and children when I received it,” he told ABC News.

“The fact that it was for my family, I think it’s quite humbling.”

The Australian Army says it was the recipient of more than 100,000 medals, with more than 3,500 awarded to men and women.

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