Army webmail Owa tweets military email address from Twitter

Army webmail Owa tweets military email address from Twitter

Armed Forces of the Republic of Korea (FIS) Twitter account @Army_webmail_Owa has tweeted an email address that is used by the FIS in its webmail inbox.

The military service’s website describes its “digital command center” as a “central place where all digital functions, including digital security, are coordinated and managed.”

This means that the email address used by Army Webmail Owekwa is used for all communications, from the inbox to the web site.

In a follow-up tweet on Sunday, Owa noted that the “email address is registered on the server of a military unit” and noted that “all emails from the account have been deleted.”

It appears that the service uses the same email address for all messages sent to and from the official military email account, including the official “digital” account.

The FIS also uses a similar email address to communicate with the official army-owned email account.

This is an email account that can be accessed by all users of the service.

The service also has its own official email account and its own Facebook page.

It appears the service’s official email address has been hacked by some third parties.

We have contacted the service for further comment.

In April, the FUS also posted an account with a password that allowed anyone to log in and access its email account using a browser.

A hacker gained access to this account and accessed the FUSD email account via a web browser.

This led to a series of messages that were leaked in May, and resulted in the resignation of the FSF’s chief of staff.

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