How to avoid getting hit by a roadside bomb

How to avoid getting hit by a roadside bomb

The explosion on a highway near Fort Myers, Fla., last week has led to some changes in the way people are approaching the military’s explosives experts.

The Army says it is giving explosives experts more freedom to test explosives, including a new standard for the kinds of explosives that can be used.

“We’re looking at the explosion of the Fort Myers blast to be one of the first tests we do,” Maj. Gen. Michael Gartenberg, the Army’s assistant secretary for explosives, said in a recent news conference.

The new standard is for explosives to be designed to explode if the explosive is dropped directly on the ground and has a mass of 3,000 pounds or less, Gartenburg said.

The standard applies to new explosives, but it applies to older explosives that have a lower mass.

The Army also is introducing new testing guidelines to the explosives industry.

It’s a change that some military experts say could lead to more improvised explosive devices (IEDs), or IEDs, that can cause more damage to troops and civilians.

A bomb that exploded near Fort Lauderdale’s airport last week left two soldiers wounded, but no one was hurt, authorities said.

It was not immediately clear how the Army planned to test the explosives in that case.

The new tests will be released after the Army has completed a full review of its explosive standards, which include a new testing protocol.

The standards require that explosives be designed for maximum destruction, and they require that explosive devices detonate if they fall short of that standard, the standards said.

The explosives industry, including those that make the devices, have not yet agreed to the new standards.

But it is expected that the Army will allow the Army to test for IED detonation if it meets its new standards, a change Gartberg said was part of the Army trying to address “some of the challenges” associated with improvised explosive device (IED) attacks.

The military has been reviewing its explosives standards since 2009.

In 2010, the Defense Department proposed a change to explosives standards that allowed a small number of explosives experts to conduct more rigorous testing.

But those changes were quickly challenged in court.

In 2013, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the military standard and directed the Army and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to develop new explosives standards.

The court also said that it would be unfair for the Army not to be able to test its own explosives if it had not agreed to standards changes from the Defense Dept.

The D.J. Campbell Company, which makes the Army bomb, said the changes were not expected to affect its products because it had worked closely with the Army.

The Campbells said the Army did not ask them to make the changes and said they do not intend to implement them.

“There’s been no effort by the Army or the NIST to require us to change our standards or our procedures,” Campbells Chief Technology Officer Dan Sauer said.

“There’s no expectation that we would have any adverse effect on our products.”

The Army said the new standard will be ready for use by mid-April.

The Pentagon has made several changes to its explosive test procedures in the wake of the explosion, including an increased focus on the explosive’s effects on people, as well as an expanded range of materials.

The Pentagon has also said it is taking a new approach to assessing IED-making methods and making sure that the standards are being followed.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse said last week that the number of IED deaths in the United States had fallen dramatically in the past decade.

However, the institute, which also studies how explosives work, said there are still about 3,500 deaths each year from IED explosions.

While the Army is the only federal agency that tests for explosives on its own soil, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the nation’s largest government agency, tests only for other government agencies that have contracted with the agency.

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