How to create a wearable military fatigues jacket

How to create a wearable military fatigues jacket

By Tom StienstraPosted November 06, 2017 06:08:51As the world’s militaries continue to grapple with a range of security and operational challenges, one of the first to make the jump is the US Army.

It is a move that will likely see a significant increase in production as well as demand for the new clothing, the Army is now gearing up to roll out the first batch of fatigues that are specifically designed for troops.

The new line will feature a jacket that is made from an elastic fabric, which will allow soldiers to breathe in and out during strenuous exercise.

The jacket is also designed to allow soldiers and their equipment to move easily in and around the field and is designed to be lightweight and comfortable.

The military also said that the new gear will allow the soldiers to be able to wear their gear in the field without the need to remove it or bring it back to their home base for repairs.

“Army fatigues have become an essential tool in the toolbox of our troops, but we want to make sure they are ready for any threat, and we have worked with the Army’s Manufacturing Development Center to create this line of military apparel,” said Lt.

Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, commander of the Army Forces Command.

The Army is aiming to get the first pair of Army fatigues on the market in 2021.

The Army has previously said that it expects to produce 500,000 pairs of the new military gear, which it says will be available to military personnel by 2022.

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