How to dress to stay on the safe side with Swiss army study

How to dress to stay on the safe side with Swiss army study

The Swiss Army has been taking a hard look at its grooming standards.

The Swiss army’s own military standards, which are more than four decades old, still require soldiers to wear an army uniform, which can be a challenge to wear for the average soldier.

The army is looking at a number of ways to make grooming standards more efficient and to make sure soldiers are prepared for combat.

First, the Swiss army is working on making the Army uniform more streamlined and easier to put on.

The goal is to make it easier to wear, easier to adjust and less cumbersome.

The Army said in a statement that it is currently looking at how to make the army uniform easier to clean and wash.

The new uniform is expected to be released later this year, and it will be available for free online.

The new uniform will also be available in military stores and will be able to be ordered online.

Army soldiers are required to wear a uniform, in case of combat, which they will be issued by the Swiss Army’s General Directorate for Military Equipment.

Soldiers are also required to show their rank insignia, a symbol for their rank.

The Swiss army has an estimated 10 million soldiers and has over 100,000 soldiers stationed in Switzerland.

Soldiers can wear a variety of uniforms, ranging from civilian clothing, to a uniform of the Swiss armed forces.

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