How to fight the ‘war on Christmas’

How to fight the ‘war on Christmas’

President Trump has proposed a new war on Christmas, saying the holiday is being attacked by the media and Hollywood and is the reason the military has “total control over our nation.”

Trump told the crowd on Thursday that the Christmas holiday has been attacked by Hollywood and the mainstream media because of its holiday season theme, “Christmas on Steroids.”

He said, “The reason that the holiday season has been so badly targeted is because it is a commercial event that the military and the entertainment industry do not want to have.

So, Christmas on Steroid.”

Trump also suggested that the “War on Christmas” is being waged by “some very, very special people,” who are trying to use the holiday to advance their own agenda.

“And they know exactly what they’re doing,” Trump said.

“And they are very, much working at it.

And they are using the Christmas season, it’s a very powerful weapon.

And I think you’ll see that very soon.”

In the first major statement about the war on the Christmas holidays since the election, Trump said the military, the entertainment and media have tried to “take away our holiday season” by attacking it.

The president’s comments come on the heels of the White House announcing plans to launch a new initiative to fight “fake news” and “fake social media,” which Trump said he wants to fight with a new strategy called the “war on propaganda.”

The new initiative is being developed by a group of White House advisers led by counselor Kellyanne Conway, who Trump has referred to as “the war room” and who will be responsible for spearheading the war against “fake media.”

The White House has also appointed former Vice President Mike Pence as the new “war room” director, a role that Trump said Pence “is going to be doing very well.”

The “war” on Christmas is also being waged against a range of other Christmas traditions, such as the holiday of Hanukkah, which was officially started in 1937 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Trump has said he doesn’t support the traditional holiday traditions of celebrating Hanukkan and Christmas.

The president has said it’s important for people to celebrate the “great American tradition of Christmas,” which is the Hanukka, or “Joy of Christmas.”

“The people of this country are going to love this,” Trump told reporters at the Whitehouse Thursday.

“I mean, the Hanakka is the very thing that we’re celebrating, and that’s what it is.

And it’s something that we have to have.”

Trump said Hanukkas are being used to “prop up the false narrative” that he has the “ultimate power over Christmas.”

Trump said “fake Christmas” and fake social media are “a great weapon in the war” against him and the United States.

Trump also said that the media is trying to “destroy Christmas” by “putting out fake propaganda,” while Hollywood is trying “to destroy Christmas.”

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