How to get a free upgrade to the Army’s new smart car platform

How to get a free upgrade to the Army’s new smart car platform

In its current state, the Army is just a bit of a novelty in the car industry, but the Army will be able to tap into a whole new market with its smart car project.

The new vehicle is the Armys newest “smart car platform,” which will be the Armyís flagship vehicle in 2021.

The Army is already working on its first self-driving truck, which will use its onboard sensors to map out the environment around it to determine where it is headed.

It will also be able drive autonomously on highways and on roads where human drivers are allowed.

The platform will also have a driver assist system, including lane keeping and blind spot detection, and will be equipped with advanced radar and other sensors.

The Army plans to use the new platform in its upcoming autonomous vehicle fleet.

But it also plans to integrate it into its existing fleet of self-parking trucks.

For now, the vehicles will be based in New York City, but there are plans to expand the fleet to the suburbs of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and even into cities as far away as Hawaii and Florida.

In addition to self-storage, the military is also developing a fleet of “smart” trucks that will help the Army meet its goals of maintaining a “living wage” for its soldiers.

The trucks will be designed to allow for “flexible work patterns” in the field, and can be equipped for “non-critical” work like repair, maintenance, or delivery.

But, the trucks won’t be able take on more than two or three people at a time.

The military has long been developing a series of vehicles that can provide support for combat, and it has been working on this technology for some time.

In fact, the Pentagon’s first self driving vehicle, the M-113, was designed to provide this support for soldiers in Afghanistan.

But this new platform, according to Army officials, will be much more flexible.

For example, a driverless truck could be used to take the Army soldiers from the battlefield to a local bar, to a nearby hotel, or even to a grocery store.

The truck could also be used in conjunction with a “smart bus” that could provide a driver to a large population center.

The smart bus, in turn, would also be equipped to provide rapid and continuous connectivity to the soldier’s home base.

For now, however, the vehicle will only be available to select units.

The military is expected to unveil a full-size prototype at the Army Association conference in October.

The next version of the smart vehicle platform, the S-100, will not only help to support the military’s future mobility plans, but also provide an option for future Army vehicles to help improve the reliability of its existing vehicles.

The S-300 is an Army variant of the truck that is being developed to replace the M113.

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