How to Get Away with Rape on the Army—and the Army Wtf Moments

How to Get Away with Rape on the Army—and the Army Wtf Moments

I got an invitation to go on an Army training trip to California.

It was to take me on a six-month tour in the Army, and I had a lot of friends there.

It seemed like a fun experience, and at the end of the day, I was invited back to my home in Virginia.

At the end, I felt guilty, and as a result, I decided to leave.

I felt so bad about what I’d done and the trauma I’d caused my friends, my parents, and my parents’ friends.

I knew that I’d had the audacity to try and get away with it for so long, but the Army would have my back no matter what.

I’d already lost two friends to rape.

At first, I didn’t feel that I was as powerful as I thought I was.

I was a military career soldier, but my training was not as rigorous as the Army’s.

I got a lot more attention, and the Army got to know me.

That was the worst part.

I couldn’t let the Army know who I really was.

As I moved out of the Army and into civilian life, my Army career took a huge hit.

I started to question the Army.

After I left, I began to see that there were so many other people out there that weren’t as well-served.

I began asking myself, Why was this happening to me?

The answer was simple: I had no power.

The Army gave me the power to get away.

The answer came after the fact, but it took me some time to realize that I couldn`t stop.

That`s when I started taking responsibility for my actions.

That moment of responsibility came after I made a choice to leave the Army to go back to college, which I did.

My life changed after that.

Now I’m a college student, working on a master’s degree in social work, and am pursuing a degree in political science.

I’m living with PTSD.

I am a proud member of my community, and there`s a real sense of hope for people like me.

I want people to understand that they can still get away and make mistakes, and that they shouldn`t have to do that.

I don`t think I will ever be a member of the military again.

I have no regrets about anything that happened to me.

The only thing that has happened to make me regret anything is the Army`s response.

I`m not a soldier.

I didn`t choose to be one.

I can`t change the Army or its culture.

The truth is, the Army has a history of making people feel guilty.

This is a very, very dangerous place for young women.

If you think that women can`tee out, and if you`re not scared to do the right thing, then you`ve got to be a warrior, a warrior like me, who wants to make the world a better place.

When I was in the military, I knew the difference between being a soldier and a warrior.

I know that the Army doesn`t want to teach you that you`ll never be safe.

So I don’t think that they`re ever going to change, and they`ll keep doing it.

What you need to do is be accountable.

It is your job to be accountable, and you need your leadership to be able to see the truth.

You have to be ready to take responsibility.

As a woman in the service, I have to take on the responsibility of having my actions taken seriously, and having my reputation not taken lightly.

You are going to be judged on the number of people that you can kill.

The number of soldiers that you kill is going to define you.

If it`s the only way that you get away, then that`s all that matters.

You can`ve go out there and shoot people, but if it`ll do more harm than good, then it`d be a bad way to go out.

But you have to have a sense of balance in your life, and it has to be your job as a woman to be on top of your life.

As the Army matures, its going to continue to grow and evolve.

It`s going to have its own culture, its own priorities, and its own rules.

You don`T have to become a warrior or an asshole.

But the Army can be a better environment for women, and more of them can be soldiers.

That is something that I want to see happen.

I hope that by the time I retire, that my peers and I can be proud of the legacy that we have made.

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