How to get rid of the army’s ‘iron fist’

How to get rid of the army’s ‘iron fist’

Posted September 08, 2019 06:03:58A lot of people think of the armed forces as an institution that protects the nation, a protector of its people.

The truth is, it’s an institution where the nation is at its weakest and most vulnerable, and the people are at their most vulnerable.

We are witnessing a resurgence of the country’s political elite, which are in charge of the entire military, from the highest to the lowest ranks.

The army’s strength and the number of soldiers it has is directly proportional to the strength of the political class, who wield the most power in the country.

The current army’s political and economic elite, with their money, their power and their influence, have the biggest stake in ensuring that they get to the top.

In the past, it was the military that was the force behind the state, but now the political and military elites have become the only ones who have any say over the military.

The military hierarchy has been corrupted, and this is not a new phenomenon, but this is especially true in the era of neoliberalism, when the military and the state have become a unitary, unelected power that has no authority beyond its own ranks.

The army has been the most powerful institution in Brazilian politics for decades, and its strength is increasing, but its future is in doubt.

It is also time for us to realise that, with or without the military, the country has lost its capacity to govern itself.

The armed forces have played an integral role in our democratic institutions, but the army has no democratic legitimacy and no right to rule.

If we want a country that is a country of freedom and democracy, a country in which the people can elect their leaders and their prime ministers, then we have to recognise that the armed force is not an institution of government, but an institution which is part of the ruling class, and a part of a political elite that wields enormous influence.

The armed forces are the most important tool in the hands of the military class, whose power is at the centre of the economy, the military itself and the political elite.

They play a crucial role in the consolidation of the power of the oligarchy, in which they play a dominant role, but their strength is diminishing.

The most recent presidential elections in Brazil were marked by the electoral fraud that was carried out by the military-backed candidate, Joao Goulart.

The system is rigged.

The military and its political elite are behind it, but no one knows who is behind it.

It was only recently that the Supreme Court found that the army and its party did not have a legitimate mandate.

They should be ashamed.

We are witnessing the emergence of a new, unbridled oligarchy.

The system is in crisis, and all the institutions and mechanisms are being undermined.

What should we do about it?

The answer lies in the fact that the military’s political party, the Brazilian Socialist Party, is part and parcel of the system, and therefore has the right to play a role in governing the country, and in a way that is legitimate.

We should recognise the role of the Brazilian Communist Party, the party of the workers and the poor.

They are a part and a parcel of it, because they are the real force behind a powerful and powerful political elite in Brazil.

The same is true of the Social Democratic Party, which is the main opposition party in the Senate, and has been for some time.

The Social Democrats are not an army, but a political party.

They were created as a result of a period of intense struggle against the dictatorship.

They have played a role for years, in the formation of the current military dictatorship, but they are also a part, because the current political elite is in the military hierarchy, and is in control of the party.

If the social democrats wanted to change the system and organise a democratic government, they would have to change that party, not the military branch.

And they will not do that.

It’s the social democratic party that should be reformed and replaced, not just the military one.

The social democras need to reform their program, not simply the military party.

The current military-dominated leadership needs to come out of the closet, and start being open to the possibility of a democratic future.

The Brazilian Socialist party is in charge, but there are also the other political parties, the Democratic Socialists, and other political forces that are part of it.

They represent a broad spectrum of the population, but it is the social democrat party that is the most representative of the people.

There is no other party that represents the majority of the voters, who are the majority in Brazil, and that’s why the social democracy is the only political force that is able to do anything in Brazil at the moment.

The social democracy has no chance in the next elections.

The other political party is the United Left party, which was founded by

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