How to get rid of your soldier-y job

How to get rid of your soldier-y job

An Army spokesman has warned that soldiers’ salaries are “going to be a little bit less”.

According to an email obtained by The Jerusalem Mail, Lt Col. Yoav Alon wrote to army staffs in November: “I am worried about soldiers’ salary in 2018, as we will not be able to get new troops to replace the old ones.

As a result, the Army salary will be less than it was in 2018.”

The email, seen by The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, said that the Army was facing “the biggest salary crisis since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948”.

The Army is currently struggling to pay for the salaries of 1,500 soldiers, including reservists, soldiers and others who are still eligible for the draft.

The email was sent after a recent report on the army by the Jerusalem Post that said the military was facing an annual budget deficit of $8 billion, which could make it “impossible” to pay its soldiers’ full salaries.

The military is struggling to deal with an expected reduction in the number of troops in the country’s future and a rise in the cost of living, the report said.

In addition to the budget shortfall, the IDF has been under pressure from its own ranks to increase the number and quality of its recruits, who are also facing salary increases.

The Israeli military said in November that it was planning to increase its recruitment efforts by 10 percent a year, while increasing its number of reservists to about 10,000, from around 9,000.

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