How to keep your military wives happy after they retire

How to keep your military wives happy after they retire

The Army wives of the Army are in their final years of service and their lives have not yet been affected by war.

So what’s it like for them to look forward to retirement?

Read moreA few years ago, a couple of retired Army generals and other top brass asked me if I thought there would be any real benefits for the service wives of a future commander-in-chief.

I had a very positive reaction to the thought.

I told them, “Well, it depends.

If you don’t get a divorce, it could be that you get a lot of support from your wife.

You might even have a better life than you would otherwise have had.”

They had an amazing response.

The wives of these generals were thrilled.

If they get divorced, they might still have a spouse of their own in the future, and they could get a better career in the military.

But, they said, if they get a divorced spouse, it would be a bad situation for them.

This is a huge shift from the past.

As a former commander, I know the pressure that goes into getting a divorce.

A divorced spouse would have to move out of the home, and there would have been a lot more work for the divorced spouse.

That’s not the case for a military spouse.

The wife can stay home and raise her children, or work in a job.

That doesn’t have to be bad for the husband.

The husband, in my opinion, could still have his career.

The Army has a lot to offer, and its service wives deserve the best of it.

But how do they cope?

The Army is a tough place.

If I were the husband, I would have had to make some difficult choices.

My wife has gone through some tough times, including divorce, but I’m sure she has learned a lot from her experience.

When we separated, we decided to take a leave of absence, but the military was very clear: We couldn’t take the family on.

We had to leave.

So we decided that we’d go home, where we could be together with our families, and that’s where we were for nearly a year.

I didn’t see a lot coming out of it, but it was a very, very tough decision.

We spent a lot in that time in isolation, and I remember thinking, “This is really not the life we want.”

I still miss my wife a lot, but we’re doing okay.

I think the Army is very supportive of its service women, and we’re seeing an increase in the number of military spouses who are getting divorced.

The number of divorce cases in the Army increased almost 20 percent between 2014 and 2015, according to the Army.

That means more divorces than in any other time in its history.

The military is working on a plan to help service wives get ahead.

One idea is to create a “service” to help them with their finances.

In some instances, a spouse might not have to pay child support, or the husband might have to work part-time to support the family.

The goal is to have the military help a spouse make the most of their time in uniform.

The Army also has a program to help former service spouses who want to take advantage of its programs.

The Defense Working Group, which has a budget of about $4.6 billion, is considering a pilot program in which former service members can earn credit toward a retirement package, similar to the credit for a life insurance policy.

The working group also is considering giving military spouses a special benefit of up to $50,000 a year if they leave the military before retirement, which is similar to a tax-free deferral.

The plan would provide a financial cushion for those who want a longer career, but also help those who leave the service without being able to receive the same retirement benefits.

The military has not made the plan public yet, but its goal is for it to be finalized this fall.

But one retired Army colonel told me, “It’s not really going to work for a lot that would require an officer’s certification to become a certified military spouse, which would take a while.”

He pointed out that there are a lot different levels of certification.

I could have easily gone through the military as a civilian, but that would have cost me money.

So I’d rather work in the civilian world.

The same retired Army general said that the military has a system in place for retiring service members who have been active duty.

I was thinking, That’s very nice.

But that system is not universal.

The retired officer said that some people are retired for life, and others retire because they can’t pay child or spousal support.

There is a whole category of retired service members, and it’s very complicated.

The active duty status is very complicated for women and men, so I think that this system is going to be very problematic.

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