How to pay for war and be a patriot

How to pay for war and be a patriot

U.S. forces will be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight alongside the Afghan forces, but they won’t fight with American soldiers, according to a plan being developed by President Donald Trump and a top adviser to the retired Marine general who was the architect of the strategy.

The president is also considering sending 100,000 additional U.N. peacekeepers to the region, according the plan, which was first reported by The Wall St. Journal.

The plan is a major departure from past U.A.E. attempts to bring American troops home from war zones.

The Pentagon has said the troops would fight alongside Afghan forces and not against the Taliban.

The new plan, outlined by two senior officials on Sunday, is expected to be announced by Monday.

The decision was announced at a meeting of senior administration officials that was also attended by Army Gen. Joseph Votel, the former commander of U.B.C. The U.K. Prime Minister, Theresa May, also attended the meeting, the Times reported.

The Trump administration has been criticized for its failure to include a plan to support the Afghan troops, which has long been a centerpiece of U.-S.

efforts to bring the war to a conclusion.

The proposal would give the U.U.S.-led coalition the authority to launch airstrikes to defend Afghan territory and to use force against the Islamic State group, according a draft of the plan obtained by the Times.

The Afghan force would be under the control of a United Nations-led force that has pledged to support it.

The draft proposal would also give the United States authority to use a range of military means, including special forces and drone strikes, to help protect the Afghan military.

Trump is expected on Monday to sign the proposal, according

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