How to save the Salvation Army from bankruptcy and back to work

How to save the Salvation Army from bankruptcy and back to work

The Salvation Army is facing a potential bankruptcy as it battles a severe funding shortfall, with its coffers exhausted.

Key points:The Salvation Army has already received more than $3.6 billion in public funding over the past decadeThe Government has pledged $300 million to the organisationThe Salvation Act is being used to cut back on the organisation’s costsThe Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has rejected a request to revoke a tax exemption for the organisation.

In an emergency statement, the Salvation Corporation said the Government’s decision to revoke the tax exemption was an “unfortunate decision that has not been supported by the Government”.

The Salvation Corporation is a charity established in 1901 by the Salvationist Church in Queensland.

Its main function is to provide financial support for the community.

It provides social services and is responsible for the delivery of programs to individuals and families in its communities.

The Salvationists also receive a small amount of Government funding through the Government Grants Program, which has helped the organisation to maintain its position in the community for decades.

The organisation has received $3,061.5 million in public support over the last 10 years, and has received more government funding than any other Australian organisation.

The Government is pledging $300,000 to the Salvation Corp, to be paid to the charity by September.

The ATO said the decision to end the exemption would have no impact on the Government funding, as the Government had not requested to revoke it.

However, it said the exemption could be revoked if it was determined the Salvation Corps was not complying with the requirements of the Act.

The government’s announcement on Friday was made in response to a request by the ATO to revoke an exemption for a limited number of charities, including the Salvationists, the Christian Brothers and the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane.

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