How to stop the Tiger Army recruiting office

How to stop the Tiger Army recruiting office

The Swiss army has begun recruiting recruits to fight in Afghanistan, where the country is embroiled in a deadly war between the Taliban and a resurgent Afghan government.

The move comes as a new surge of recruits from across Europe has begun arriving in the country.

The Swiss Army says the new recruits will be sent to Afghanistan, as the country battles the Taliban for control of the country’s northern regions.

The recruitment is part of a larger effort to bolster the Swiss army’s ranks, which have seen a drop in members and an increase in funding.

The number of Swiss troops fighting in Afghanistan is expected to increase significantly.

Swiss troops are fighting alongside Afghan forces in the north, where Afghan government forces are fighting to wrest control of large parts of the region.

The Swiss military has also begun recruiting young men from the Swiss population in Europe, as it seeks to build an international coalition to help defeat the Taliban.

The new recruits are expected to fight alongside Afghan troops in the south, where they will help defend the northern border with Pakistan.

Last week, the Swiss Defense Ministry announced that it had been able to hire 1,400 new recruits in the past month.

The force has been fighting in the region of Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city, since 2014.

The Taliban controls much of the north and east of Afghanistan.

“We have already seen the number of recruits increase significantly over the past year,” a Swiss military official told Reuters news agency.

“This is the result of our ongoing efforts to strengthen the Swiss Army’s fighting capability.”

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