How to tell whether the Indian army has invaded Pakistan?

How to tell whether the Indian army has invaded Pakistan?

After the Pakistani army invaded the Indian border in Chhattisgarh on Thursday, India’s armed forces scrambled to respond, but did not take any immediate action.

The decision to wait was taken by India’s military to avoid a military confrontation, said a top official.

But the military did not make any immediate moves, even as Indian media reported a major escalation.

The Indian military has been trying to assert control over parts of the border for several months, and the latest military action came after the Pakistani government ordered troops to leave the area.

“We have to respond in a humane manner,” said Gen. S.S. Chinnappa, chief of the armed forces.

“Our armed forces have the right to act.”

India’s army has also been trying for a while to control areas that are largely inhabited by civilians.

A recent Indian government report said that in areas of Chhatti and Bhutan, where the Indian government maintains a military base, civilians are the main target of the Indian armed forces, but India has repeatedly denied that it is targeting civilians.

The Pakistani military did try to push forward a move to establish an air base in the country’s northern region of Gilgit-Baltistan, but the move has not yet been completed, according to a senior Indian official.

The Indian army said it would continue its operations in the Gilgit sector, but was still waiting for approval from the Gilgoiistan government.

The Gilgit and Baluchistan provinces have been in the news over the past year for their poor living conditions.

Pakistan accuses India of sponsoring militant groups in those areas.

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