How to train goblins in your backyard

How to train goblins in your backyard

The world is a dangerous place, and goblin hunters are not among them.

But a group of people from Georgia is out to change that.

They are out to help train the country’s goblins.

The group, called the Terraria Goblin Army, says it wants to train the goblins, who are now a big part of Georgia’s economy, to work with humans and other animals.

The Goblins are now in Georgia because of a program run by the state government, said the group’s founder and CEO, Rhett Moore.

The Goblins can now work on farms, graveyards and in the backyards of homes in Georgia.

The goblins are not just out to kill and eat people, but to help improve the quality of life for people, the Goblins said in a press release.

“Our mission is to create an environment where goblins can be taught to live by the humans,” said Moore.

“We are trying to change the goblin society.”

In Georgia, the goblin population is around 30,000, and the state is planning to train 100,000 of them over the next decade.

The program is expected to create more than 1,500 jobs for Goblins, with the Gobins receiving a $1,500 salary.

The rest will go to the Goblin-inhabited community, with $200 a year for upkeep.

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