How to train your dog to sniff out explosives, soldiers say

How to train your dog to sniff out explosives, soldiers say

Army colonel Jyoti Singh is not the only one who believes that soldiers are not equipped to sniff explosives.

In a Facebook post, a group of Army cadets and instructors of Army-trained dogs and cats, said that they did not know how to train their dogs to detect explosives.

“We can’t be expected to find explosives in a crowded area like a train station,” said the group in a Facebook posting.

“The idea of dogs being used for this purpose seems crazy to us.

How could the dog detect an explosive?”

They added that they would need to train the dogs in bomb detection, before they could use them in combat.

Army cadet Jyotir Singh said he had a similar experience with his dog, who was trained to detect bombs when they were deployed in the Kashmir Valley.

“I was sent to a village where a bomb had exploded.

I had to search through the rubble of houses to find out where the bomb had come from.

I used my own dog to do the searching,” he said.

Singh, a colonel in the Army, said he has no problems with the use of dogs, but said that the dogs should not be trained to sniff explosive devices.

“It’s not an issue for us.

We don’t use dogs to sniff bombs because the training of the dogs is limited,” he added.

“You cannot train them to detect anything.

They can only be used for detecting explosives and other items that you don’t want to give to the enemy.”

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