How to wear your army’s uniform for a day without looking like an army worm

How to wear your army’s uniform for a day without looking like an army worm

The Army’s official costume for the day, a navy blue polo shirt and khaki pants, is meant to show off the military’s rugged exterior, while a grey uniform and navy-blue polo jacket will keep the wearer looking more military than army.

The navy blue uniform is an all-weather garment, designed to be worn with a jacket, pants or jumper, and it’s a staple in the Army’s uniform portfolio.

It’s worn by soldiers on duty and in combat, and for the most part, is considered to be the uniform of choice for those in uniform.

However, if you’re not wearing the navy blue, you can still wear your military uniform without looking military.

You can still dress up in the uniform, but you can also go for a less military look.

Here’s how you can do it.

If you’re wearing navy blue military uniform for the first time, you’ll have a couple of options for wearing it:The first is the navy polo uniform.

The navy polos are a classic navy blue.

They are a casual look that is suitable for work or school.

The second option is to wear a navy-coloured polo.

The colour of the navy-colour polo is neutral, but it does make it a bit more uniform.

This is a more formal look that will also work for work.

This look is ideal for a business meeting, and is often worn by the military, but this is also a great way to look like an officer.

In contrast, a grey military-style polo will work well for a formal event, and can be worn by any member of the military.

This style is worn by officers and enlisted men.

It looks good on anyone and will work for casual occasions.

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