‘If I had known that it would be this bad, I would have never gotten the knife’: Army exchange exchange exchange soldier’s mother says

‘If I had known that it would be this bad, I would have never gotten the knife’: Army exchange exchange exchange soldier’s mother says

The Army said Monday that exchange soldiers have been exchanging knives with their former unit after the soldier was stabbed to death in Afghanistan.

The exchange was in a separate exchange but the soldier’s wife, Maj. Lacey Brown, told The Associated Press that she was told Monday by her husband that the knife exchange was the first time they had been separated.

Brown told the AP that she had a hard time believing the news because she had known the exchange soldier since she was a child.

Brown said she didn’t believe her husband knew the soldier had been stabbed.

She said her husband was in Afghanistan for three months and that the soldier never told him of the exchange.

“I never told anyone about it.

It was just a shock to me.

It just makes me sick to my stomach,” Brown said.

Brown and her husband, Maj.-Gen. Robert W. Mims, are both Army Reserve.

She was a private first class when she enlisted in 2009.

She told The AP that they did not speak about the exchange until they were married.

“We are still very close.

We’re just not speaking about it,” she said.

Army officials would not say how many soldiers have exchanged knives with the exchange soldiers.

They said the Army would provide more information later Monday.

Brown has said that she hopes the Army will offer a medal for her husband’s sacrifice, saying it is one of the most important things she can do to honor her husband.

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