New Battlefield 1 mod replaces old version

New Battlefield 1 mod replaces old version

By Tom Hiddleston/TechRadarA new version of Battlefield 1 has been released, replacing the old version with an updated engine and features, but the old one isn’t without its faults.

The new version is called the Battlefield 1 Beta 1, and while the official name is Battlefield 1, it’s the title of the mod, not the actual game.

The beta 1 mod aims to improve the quality of the game and also fixes some of the more annoying bugs found in the old beta 1.

As part of the beta, there is an official Battlefield 1 update for Battlefield 1: The Old War, a patch which is only available to owners of the old game.

It also includes a few new features, including a new version in the game’s game mode menu called Advanced Play, which can be used to set custom game settings for your computer and other devices.

There’s also a new option to disable the ability to change weapon models in the UI, and some new animations.

In terms of gameplay, there are a number of new weapons and vehicles added to the game, including the BF1 Premium, the BF2 Premium and the BF3 Premium.

There are also several changes to the AI in the multiplayer mode.

The BF1 AI has been given a new approach, with it making smarter decisions about when and where to attack, and it’s not only using more weapons, it can also run faster and more aggressively.

Battlefield 1: Advanced Play can be downloaded for free from Origin.

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