New Zealand to sell surplus military equipment to Israel as it prepares to enter talks

New Zealand to sell surplus military equipment to Israel as it prepares to enter talks

New Zealand will sell surplus combat gear to Israel in a deal that is expected to be announced next week, the country’s Defence Minister has said.

Key points:The deal would see the country sell surplus war-fighting equipment to the country Israel is fighting in GazaThe deal will be subject to a number of conditionsThe deal is expected for next weekPrime Minister John Key said he was looking forward to the talks”The deal, I can assure you, is very important to us, and it will give us greater capabilities to assist the IDF in its mission to protect our country,” Minister for Defence Simon Bridges told reporters.

“We are prepared to put it through and we will work through the details.”

Mr Key said the sale of surplus military hardware was part of the process of “trying to build the right kind of relationship” with Israel and that it was part and parcel of New Zealand’s overall strategy for peace and stability in the region.

“It’s a very good deal, one that I am very confident will help to build confidence with Israel,” he said.

“I am confident that it will lead to increased cooperation between New Zealand and Israel in terms of defence, in terms the security of our region, in particular.”

So I look forward to this being a really important part of that.

“Mr Bridges said the deal would be subject only to a range of conditions, including that it be subject of an export licence.

Mr Key has said New Zealand was prepared to sell the military equipment for the cost of about $500,000 ($500,600).”

It is a very significant deal, a very important contribution to the peace process, and I believe it will help build confidence between New Japan and Israel,” Mr Key said in October.

The sale is expected at the end of the year, with a full export licence in hand.

The deal with Israel is being welcomed by Prime Minister John Major who said the move was “an important milestone” for the country.”

The sale of our combat gear will help strengthen the security and stability of our country, and we hope it will contribute to the achievement of peace in the Middle East,” he told reporters on Wednesday.”

As a member of the UN Security Council, it will be of enormous assistance to the people of the region, and will also help us to build peace in that region.

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