The China military training network is growing by the day, and its expanding to include other military services

The China military training network is growing by the day, and its expanding to include other military services

Last week, the PLA launched a new online training system called the China Army Training Network (CATN), according to an official Xinhua report.

The new system includes training centers for a range of military and civilian services, and the PLA is now using the network for everything from military training to civilian-level communication.

The program is being expanded and expanded, and has now been extended to the civilian level.

This article will explain the significance of the new system, what it means for the Chinese military, and what we can expect from the Chinese government in the coming years.

The network’s purpose is to provide a comprehensive training experience for PLA personnel and soldiers, according to the PLA.

As the PLA continues to increase its military spending and build its capabilities, it is clear that it needs to build an online training network that includes a variety of military services, including the military.

The PLA will continue to use the CATN to expand its training, and to improve its ability to integrate with other military forces, including China’s domestic military.

However, it also has a desire to extend the CATNs to other government agencies and organizations.

The military’s goal is to train its personnel and the military’s civilian workforce as well, and CATN will provide a way to do so.

There are two main purposes for CATN.

The first is to develop an online network for civilian service personnel.

Currently, the military is only using the CATNet to connect to civilian institutions such as universities, and it does not allow its personnel to communicate with the outside world.

The other purpose of CATN is to improve the PLA’s ability to communicate in the real world.

In the past, PLA cadres have used the CAT network to communicate more freely with their civilian counterparts.


with China’s military expanding and the growing sophistication of the PLA, the ability of PLA cadre to communicate has become more important.

As a result, PLA officers are increasingly relying on their civilian network to stay connected to the outside, and more and more cadres are looking to CATNet as a way of communicating in real time.

In order to connect more with their cadre, the CAT Network is also designed to allow PLA personnel to send and receive encrypted, and secure, data.

The primary goal of the network is to ensure that PLA cadets have a secure connection to the world, but it also aims to make it possible for PLA soldiers to receive encrypted communications.

The China Army and its civilian allies also use CATN for their own purposes.

The Chinese government is currently conducting military exercises with more than a dozen military services in the Western Pacific.

The exercises are aimed at simulating real-world scenarios in which China will conduct operations in the region.

The training exercises have been conducted in the Chinese city of Dalian, which is the third largest city in China, and also in the capital of Chongqing, which lies in the South China Sea.

Both of these cities are home to about 1.6 million people, and each city is equipped with a high-speed broadband connection.

As part of the exercises, the Chinese Navy has also deployed its fleet of aircraft carriers to conduct training exercises in the waters off the coasts of both cities.

The Navy is using the facilities of its Chinese Air Force, Navy Special Naval Aviation Command, and Chinese Coast Guard as well as the Chinese Army’s CATN as a means to simulate the operations in which the PLA will conduct exercises in 2017.

As you might imagine, the use of CATNet is only one of the military services using the system.

There is also the Chinese National Defence University (CNDAU), a military school that trains soldiers and civilians.

The CNDAU is the largest military academy in the world with over 300,000 students, including nearly a thousand cadets from the PLA and many more from other military service.

The system is designed to enable students to learn the skills needed for both military service and civilian life.

The purpose of CNDAUs training is to prepare cadets for future military service, and for civilian life as well.

The use of the CATnet will allow CNDAu cadets to communicate directly with their instructors, which will allow them to gain a greater understanding of their capabilities, and of the capabilities of their PLA counterparts.

The aim is to be able to better communicate with cadets as they move through the PLA system.

While the CNDAUS is an important institution that trains cadets in PLA skills, it will also serve as a forum for PLA cadet discussions and discussions with PLA officers.

The next step is to extend this communication to other military branches, such as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), as well so that PLA soldiers can have a more open and open dialogue with civilian officials.

The reason for the expanded use of Chinese military and government institutions in China is clear.

The country is in the midst of a massive and rapid

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