The first trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes has a surprising twist

The first trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes has a surprising twist

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel to War for The Planet of The Apes had a surprising reveal.

The trailer shows the apes in the jungle in a city in which the city is under attack by a group of humans.

While the ape-like humans attack the city with weapons, the apes defend themselves with a combination of their technology, their military prowess, and their incredible strength.

But that’s not all.

The film also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a new leader of the apes, and the first look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new take on the ape leader in the film is a big one.

In the teaser trailer, Schwarzenegger gives us an important detail about the new leader, who will become the subject of an intense storyline that will also center on the apes’ future.

“We’re building a new world,” Schwarzenegger said, “and you’re going to see a whole new team, a new kind of leader.”

“A new kind,” Schwarzenegger continued.

“And we’re also building a family.

And I’m going to be the father of this new kind.

And they’re going have to come together to survive, to live together.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the teaser.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)But the trailer is not the only big reveal in the trailer.

We also get to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in an all new scene, and a new trailer.

The first one showed Arnold Schwarzenegger on the deck of the submarine that is the ship that is attacking the apes.

Now we see Arnold as a pilot.

The scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger is piloting a submarine.

(The Hollywood Reporter / YouTube)”There’s a new way to get out,” Arnold Schwarzenegger said.

“I’ll tell you what.

You can’t be on the ship anymore.

It’s a trap.

I’m piloting it now.

And if you try to do anything about it, it’ll kill you.””

It’s a world full of dangers and it’s going to kill you,” he added.

“But there’s something special about that.”

The scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

(YouTube / YouTube / YouTube via The Hollywood Press)The trailer also gives us a look at the other characters in the new movie, including an ape leader named Bux.

Bux is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also stars in the movie.

In the trailer, Bux appears to be a little older than Arnold.

He has a shaved head, a beard, and black leather pants.

But the big reveal, in the video, was that Bux will be the new ape leader.

The clip also shows Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a younger version of Bux in the same scene.

And in that scene, Arnold Schwarzenegger also shows a new look at Bux’s mask, which is also new.

The new look, as well as the new mask, are all new for Arnold Schwarzenegger (via Polygon).

“We had to come up with something different,” Schwarzenegger told Polygon.

“We were trying to find a new angle that would be a new challenge for the character.

It was just a matter of making something unique that would bring some new energy to him, as we did in the previous movie.”

In the new trailer, the new look and mask have the look of the ape commander from War for THE Planet of Apes.

(War for The Apess)Bux, as shown in the original trailer.

(Twitter)What we’re seeing in the preview is new armor that looks very much like the armor of Bex and Cressida, the two most important members of the team that will be working with Arnold.

In a few scenes, we see them wearing the new armor, and in other scenes we see the old armor.

The two new outfits that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team will be wearing in the sequel.

(Bex and Zecora via The A-Team)The two outfits that Schwarzenegger and the apes will be in for the sequel to WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES.

(Facebook)What’s really interesting about the trailer’s new look is that it is not a direct adaptation of the movie’s storyline.

The trailer shows a lot of familiar characters from the first film, but there are also a few new ones.

Arnold Schwarzenegger himself plays a role in the scene that shows Bux as a member of the new team.

The ape leader of that team is the new military leader.

But that’s it.

Arnold says he’s just working on getting that costume.

But when he does wear the costume, he’s wearing something different than what we see him wearing in his movie.

The teaser also shows that the new army will be based in a desert, and it looks like there’s a lot more space between the apes and humans.

But we’re not really sure how much of this will be set in the present.

In fact, there’s no indication that the apes are the ones on the planet that is attacked by humans.

Instead, the trailer shows

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