What are you, and who are you?

What are you, and who are you?

In case you’ve missed it, it’s been a few years since we last wrote about the “armies” and “arms” of the world.

While the US is often touted as a great example of the military-industrial complex, the reality is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s the military/industrial complex?

Armies:  The US military, the United States Army, is an all-volunteer, all-male, multi-million dollar army of various sorts.

It has been called the US military’s “arms industry” and has been a major source of income for the US government since the mid-20th century.

The US military employs nearly 100,000 full-time, non-commissioned officers, and a small army of private contractors.

The US Army’s current total of more than 1 million active duty members is almost equal to that of the UK’s Royal Navy.

The military’s top-level executives earn more than $100 million per year, while the average annual salary for non-military employees is $45,000.

A “military surplus”: The Department of Defense (DoD) is a division of the Department of Labor.

The DoD has roughly 3,600 military personnel serving in more than 150 nations, with another 3,500 active duty personnel.

In the United Kingdom, it is estimated that the US has spent more than £1 trillion on its military in the last decade.

Armies are used as weapons in wars of aggression.

In Afghanistan, US forces have killed at least 9,000 people, including US soldiers and contractors, and hundreds of civilians, according to the Washington Post.

An army is a “military police force”: According to the US State Department, the US army is used to suppress dissent in the US and elsewhere, including in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

US military personnel are also deployed to support police and intelligence agencies in other countries, such as Australia and Australia’s foreign ministry.

While the US Army has its detractors, its a highly efficient and effective force.

According a recent study from the RAND Corporation, the total value of all US military equipment sold by private companies and federal agencies reached $10.9 trillion in 2014, with the most popular military-related products accounting for $7.6 trillion of that.

The largest weapons manufacturers are the US defense contractors Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Boeing.

“I know my job,” says one former soldier, describing how the military worked to keep him alive during the Afghan war: “They are a big part of my job, and they make me who I am today.

And I am so thankful for them.”

In an interview with the BBC, former Army Staff Sgt. Aaron M. Carter, who is now a professor at the United Nations University, says: “…the US military was a huge, huge part of how I lived my life.

I was not allowed to leave my base in Afghanistan.

I didn’t get the medical care I needed and I couldn’t have food.

It was very difficult to leave the base.

They told me, ‘If you get sick, we will shoot you’.

I didn´t think I was doing anything wrong, but it was very scary.”

The Pentagon is an industry, and there is a military-military relationship with US corporations, too: A US Defense Department study in 2007 found that the total US military contracts with private companies was worth more than two trillion dollars.

Many of the companies and contractors employed by the US Armed Forces are also contractors.

In addition, many of these companies are based in the United Arab Emirates, which has close ties to the United Sates and is a major arms exporter.

As for the United Army, many in the military have become increasingly bitter about the way they are being treated, especially by the Obama administration.

They want to see their paychecks grow.

Some are worried that if they don’t get more money, they will leave.

Former Army Staff Sergeant Aaron Carter is a professor of history at the UNU University in Abu Dhabi.

He says: “I am not saying it is right, I am saying that it is wrong, and that we are not doing enough to make sure that the American military, not only its officers, but its soldiers and its contractors, are paid fairly.

When I came to the military, I had an opportunity to go to war.

But the way I went there, I wanted to be there.

I did not want to be in that situation, and I wanted it to end.”

According the Center for Public Integrity, the Pentagon’s top official, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, is also on the board of directors for the private sector weapons company Blackwater. 

“When the Trump administration started to take office, they appointed General Flynn as their Secretary of Defense, and he was a

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