When it comes to the military, the Army is really an Army

When it comes to the military, the Army is really an Army

The military is in the business of making war and fighting it.

It’s the most powerful force on Earth, and its job is to make sure its members have a way to survive.

But the Army has to be careful, and that means that it has to think of its members’ well-being.

So it must decide whether it’s really a military institution, and if it’s not, how to fix it.

The Army has a new program called the National Military Family, which has been quietly rolled out since February.

It is meant to provide basic support to military families during the transition period of transition to civilian life.

Military families will be able to request up to $50,000 to help with medical expenses and to pay for funeral expenses.

The program will help about a third of military families, but that percentage is expected to increase as more people are added to the family.

The idea is to help soldiers and their families, who may be struggling financially after years of service, by giving them a little extra help to help them transition into civilian life, said Army Lt.

Col. Daniel Sperry, a spokesman for the Defense Department.

“It will be helpful to military personnel who are experiencing financial hardship,” he said.

The money won’t come directly from the Pentagon.

Instead, it will be provided through the Department of Defense’s Military Family Assistance Program, which is overseen by the Pentagon’s Office of Management and Budget.

Military spouses and children will be eligible for this program, and spouses and minor children of members of the Armed Forces will be covered.

For example, if a soldier is diagnosed with cancer, the family could request that the Army pay for a medical bill for his or her spouse.

For military families who have a child under 18, the program will pay for their child’s tuition and books for up to one year.

The funding will also be available to help families find jobs in their community, which can be especially important for military families that are struggling.

The military will also support the transition of veterans into civilian lives.

Currently, the military provides health care and other services to veterans who leave the service.

That is in stark contrast to the transition process for military personnel.

If a veteran does not qualify for benefits or the transition happens, he or she can request a Veterans Administration disability pension or a lump sum payment.

Those benefits are then transferred to the veteran’s family.

“We want to make it easier for veterans and families to transition into the civilian world,” Sperro said.

He noted that the program is just one part of a broader plan to help the military transition from the military to civilian lives and back.

The Pentagon will also establish a military community service center, a military medical clinic, and an outpatient clinic to serve military veterans.

The goal is to support the military families by providing them with everything they need to get through the transition, Spery said.

Military Families’ Assistance Program Military families in the Army are already eligible for benefits through the military family assistance program, which also covers veterans, their spouses and dependent children.

The Military Family assistance program is the only federal program that provides benefits for military members.

The first benefit was available in May for the first members of a military family, and was expanded in December for the last members of their family.

Now, more than 20,000 military members and their dependents are eligible for military family support.

Military members who have active-duty or reserve duty are eligible.

Military service members also are eligible if they are serving on active duty or if they have received a Purple Heart.

“The military is going to be able take advantage of the support,” Sbarro said of the new military assistance program.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will also help military families with medical costs and to get them paid for funeral costs, according to Sperrry.

Military family assistance has also helped more than 1 million military members since the program was first launched in 2015, and the service members themselves have contributed an average of $9,000 a year.

Sperrian said that military families are going to have a lot of support from the department.

“They’re going to need help getting a job, getting a place to live, getting the medical care they need, and to be part of the transition into life after they’re gone,” he added.

“That’s something that the Department is going be able help provide.”

The Army says the military will continue to support families during this transition.

The service members are eligible to receive benefits for up of 12 months after the military leaves the military.

The U.S. military is a member of the NATO family of nations, and members of military service families are also eligible to be treated as NATO members, according a Pentagon news release.

The government also offers financial support for military spouses and dependents during the military’s transition to a civilian life and through its military family program.

For families who are currently eligible, the Department also offers a special loan to help cover medical expenses.

That loan is

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