When the Swiss Army Man Wears Army Tats to Fight ISIS

When the Swiss Army Man Wears Army Tats to Fight ISIS

Posted November 14, 2018 07:59:03 The Swiss Army’s soldier-turned-wannabe, Max Hovbjerg, is an army infantryman with a penchant for tattoos.

He’s been wearing his army uniform for years now, and he has more than 10,000 tattoos in his arms and legs.

But it’s the tattoos that make him stand out, particularly his tattoo of the Swiss Armed Forces, the Swiss Navy and the Swiss army.

Max Hovec/Vimeo videoNow Playing: What the Swiss Military’s military tattoo really means to them Now Playing: Meet the man who’s inspired the Swiss military’s tattoos Now Playing – The Swiss army tattoo: It’s all about the soldiers Now Playing : How the Swiss navy tattoos got their names Now Playing   Max HOVBJERG/THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Swiss Armed Forces)The Swiss Army is a military organization that protects and defends the interests of the people of Switzerland.

For the past 40 years, the organisation has played an important role in protecting Switzerland’s security.

As part of the organisation, Hovjerg has been an active member for the last four decades.

He’s also been known to wear the Swiss armed forces uniform on a regular basis.

He started wearing the uniform in 2000, when he was still an undergraduate student at the University of Applied Sciences.

He became a member in 2015, and it’s now become a regular part of his routine.

The first time he wore the uniform, he wore it to a military exercise in the city of Bochum.

“It was a very big thing,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

“A very big event.

It was very symbolic.

It’s symbolic because it’s for our friends in the armed forces, it’s symbolic to them.”

The military tattoo was the next step in the process.

“The next thing after that was the helmet, which was a big deal because that was something very special to me, to be a part of something very big, to fight for,” he said.

After the training, Hovecs tattoo was removed.

“I was so excited because I was proud,” he explained.

“And then I was just shocked to see the other side, seeing how many people had been saying, ‘We want a soldier who’s a good man,’ ” he continued.

“That was a shock.”

Hovjgers tattoo is now back on his arm, and the tattoos have been going for years.

“At first I thought, ‘I can’t do it, I can’t put my tattoo on my arm, I’m going to die from it,’ ” said Hoveces mother, Anna.

But the tattoo, she said, was something that was “just so important.”

“It means everything to me.

It means everything.

I’ve done this for 40 years and I’ve never felt that it was important,” said Hovc.

“To have a tattoo that you have to wear on your arm, to have it on your back and your shoulder, it means so much to me.”

“I love the tattoo.

I love that I get to wear it.

I want to wear this tattoo on the arm of every soldier in the Swiss national army, and on the back of every Swiss soldier in Switzerland.”

For Max Hovyc, the tattoo has helped him become an officer in the military.

He joined the army as a teenager and quickly became a part-time soldier in a unit called the 3rd Battalion, the 1st Guards.

He quickly started wearing his uniform to the training and the exercise.

“This uniform, the shirt, the helmet that’s always with you, it gives you an identity and it gives the soldiers the confidence to be brave,” he shared.

Hovbjgers was one of the first soldiers to wear his uniform during the training.

“I was like, ‘Whoa, it really is my uniform now.

It has everything in it,'” he explained to the WSJ.

“They all had a lot of questions, but the best ones were the questions that I couldn’t answer.

It made me really, really confident.

I can now wear this uniform without worrying about getting sick.”

After the military training, Max went on to the Swiss National Guard and got a tattoo of his own.

“When I went to the National Guard I had to go through the tattoo process, which I couldn´t understand, but I knew it was what I wanted,” he revealed.

“Then I got a job in the National Police, which is why I’m wearing this uniform.”

Hovec now works in the Department of National Defence, a position that is part of a team that manages the Swiss border and protects the countrys borders.

“We get to see a lot, but for the most part, it is just a

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