Which Army insignia are you most likely to wear?

Which Army insignia are you most likely to wear?

Army insignias are commonly used by members of the military.

They are often worn with a traditional green belt, which was popularized by the Army’s Vietnam era in the 1950s.

There are several different types of insignia, with some being worn with either the rank of colonel or general.

Below is a list of some of the most popular Army insigniams.1.

Green belt.

This is one of the more popular insignia for the Army.

This is often worn on the left arm or leg.2.

Colonel’s blue.

A colonel’s blue green belt is often associated with the military, especially with the United States Army.

It has the same color as the color of the United Kingdom’s national flag, and is worn on a red ribbon with white lettering.3.

General’s blue belt.

The green belt was a symbol of distinction and authority in the military during World War II.

This belt is usually worn with the rank and color of a general.4.

Chief of Staff, Chief of Engineers and the like.

The Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), also known as the Chief of Military Staff, is often seen as a leader of the armed forces, a title often used by men of the highest rank.5.

Chief Petty Officer, Chief Engineer and the Like.

This badge has been worn by soldiers in various branches of the US military, including the Navy and Air Force.

It is often paired with the color blue or red.6.

Flag and shield.

This flag and shield insignia is usually associated with a country’s flag and a national motto.

In the US, this badge is often used on military uniforms, but also is worn by police officers and firefighters.7.

Badge with a green stripe.

This insignia typically is worn with an arrow on either side of the badge.

It represents the rank or the officer’s name and is often the symbol of the rank.8.


This emblem, also known by its acronym, stands for the United Nations, the European Union and the World Bank.

It often shows the emblem of a country or country organization, and sometimes the words “United Nations.”9.

Green star.

This star represents peace and justice.

It was used in the US during the American Civil War, the Great Depression and World War I.10.

Shield with white stars.

This shield is usually the same as the one used by the United Arab Emirates, the United State of America and other nations around the world.11.

Green stripe.

A green stripe is often shown on the back of the insignia.

This indicates the color or the rank for the member of the flag.12.

Badge of the corps of generals.

This design has been used for decades by the U.S. Marine Corps, the Air Force and other branches of government.

It depicts a blue and white star with a red star.

It indicates the rank that the member is assigned to.13.

Emblem of the Union Jack.

This symbol is sometimes used to represent the Union Flag.14.

Emblem with white star.

The Emblem of Union Jack is worn for many U.K. flags and flags in the European and Caribbean regions.15.

Emblem, white stripe.

The emblem of the National Football League (NFL), and of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), both the United Nation’s (UN) and the International Confederation of Football (ICF), are typically displayed on the front of the U,S.


Emblem (white stripe) with blue stars.

The National Football Association (NFL) is the largest U. S. professional sports league.

The NFL is also the world’s largest professional basketball league.

It consists of seven teams in the NFL.

The logo of each team is a blue star, which is usually displayed above the center stripe of the NFL flag.

The blue stars are usually replaced by the words, “NFC,” which stands for National Football Conference.17.


A shield with white letters, often accompanied by the word “Shield,” is used in many countries around the globe.

It stands for “United States of America.”18.

Shield, red stripe.

The shield of the Commonwealth of Independent States, an autonomous British territory, is a white star and yellow stripes.19.

Flag, white stripes.

The flag of the European Community, a bloc of countries formed in 1949, is white and blue.20.

Emblem in blue, yellow and red.

This type of emblem is often depicted with an American flag.

It generally indicates the position of the American president or vice president.21.

Emblem for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

This emblem is used by all members of each of the seven countries in the Union.

It shows the position for each of these nations in the world, with the colors blue and yellow in the center.22.

Flag with white stripes, yellow stars.

A white stripe and a yellow star are commonly depicted in the United National Flag of the Soviet Union.

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