Why the Salvation Army is getting rid of its Christmas ads

Why the Salvation Army is getting rid of its Christmas ads

The Salvation Army has announced it will cut its Christmas ad campaigns, and instead use an all-new, animated series of ads that is set to premiere next week.

The move follows months of controversy and a petition from an online activist group that asked the Salvation Association to remove its Christmas advertising campaign.

The decision comes after a lengthy and controversial process in which the Salvation Church’s board of directors decided to move forward with a new campaign to replace the ads that were not producing the desired results.

“This is not an easy decision,” the board said in a statement to Engadgets.

“We are doing so because we believe it is best for the Salvation Life Center and the entire community to have a more effective, fun and engaging Christmas marketing campaign that can reach new audiences and inspire new ways of thinking about what is best and what is important for the people of this community.”

The decision to remove our Christmas ads is a difficult one for us, but the work that has gone into the design of the campaign is worthy of celebration.

“The Salvation Army said it is making the decision in response to public pressure to make the ads more engaging, fun, and relevant.

The Salvation Life Centre said it was not consulted about the decision.”

We have done so with the best intentions.””

Our ad campaign has provided the Salvation Center with an opportunity to be seen by people around the world as well as in a way that is fun and entertaining.

We have done so with the best intentions.”

The decision is the latest in a long line of actions by the Salvation Alliance.

In 2016, the Salvation Group began a boycott of the annual Christmas season of its largest affiliate, the International Rescue Committee, after it was revealed that the charity was using the same “Christmas” ad as the other organizations.

The boycott led to an outcry from religious groups and a public backlash.

The Salvation Life Society has also had to grapple with backlash from the church community over the last year, as it tried to remove Christmas-themed advertising from its stores.

In 2018, the organisation was forced to remove ads for the year, after the board of trustees voted to end the advertising in its stores, citing safety concerns.

In its statement, the church said it wants to take a more proactive approach in its marketing efforts.

“While we recognize that it is difficult to do, we are hopeful that this will change,” the Salvation Society said.

“The decision reflects the importance of having an engaging Christmas campaign that will encourage families and children to be able to celebrate their love and celebrate their faith.”

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