Why ‘The Warriors’ won’t be the last movie about the Iraq war

Why ‘The Warriors’ won’t be the last movie about the Iraq war

The Warriors is the only movie about Iraq that doesn’t feature a young American soldier.

Its the only one that doesn.

The Warriors is one of a handful of movies that don’t feature the U.S. military in a major role.

And while the series has been popular among a younger demographic, it hasn’t gotten the kind of critical acclaim and commercial success that some of the most successful films in recent years have.

“The Warriors” tells the story of a soldier who joins the Iraqi military as a young man in the aftermath of the 2003 invasion.

The film’s cast includes the likes of Harrison Ford, Michael Shannon, and Kevin Costner, and it was co-produced by Lionsgate and Warner Bros.

The story follows one soldier through his first year in Iraq and into his first deployment.

It has been widely criticized for its treatment of the war and its depiction of young men, many of whom were recruited in the U, as though they were little more than cannon fodder in the war on terror.

Even though the movie received mixed reviews and received a mostly negative response at the box office, it has been a huge success in the United States and has sold over two million copies.

In an interview with Variety, the filmmakers said the movie has done an excellent job at representing the Iraq experience.

They added: “There’s a lot of people that were in uniform in Iraq who were just like soldiers, who were not necessarily like heroes, who are like real men.

It earned a total of $8.7 million domestically and $13.4 million internationally. “

The Warriors was released in August 2018, making it the third film in the franchise to get an R rating.

It earned a total of $8.7 million domestically and $13.4 million internationally.

The previous two movies, “Mudbound” and “The Hurt Locker,” were R-rated.

Warriors’ star is Harrison Ford.

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